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Back to School 2014

The following is from our most recent weekly activities email. Potential members can get an idea of the types of activities we enjoy. Since times, locations, phone numbers and last names have been removed for safety, it can serve as a quick reminder for current members. Consult your email for specifics. Registered members will receive the weekly email with all the details, as well as the password to this site.

notNot Back to School Day

Friday, September 5

This amusement park hosts a day for homeschoolers after the local public schools have started up for the year. Ride bracelets for unlimited ides are $11.50 each for homeschoolers and their families. One does not need to show any sort of proof of homeschooling. The crowds are much, much smaller than during the summer time. There are grassy areas for eating lunch. There is no charge to enter the park; just for the rides.

Welcome Back Park Day

Friday, September 12

All are invited to this informal get together. There will be opportunity to ask questions, meet other homeschooling families and, of course, play. This is also a chance to pay the yearly fee and get signed up for our weekly email update. We are scheduling this event slightly earlier to accommodate those with napping children. You are welcome to bring a lunch or eat at home before you arrice. A snack will be provided. There will be a soccer game organized for the older kids. We look forward to seeing you there!


The co-op keeps a fund to reimburse class expenses and activities. Now is the time for new members to register and for everyone to pay the annual fee that keeps this fund operating. Some families opt not to have their information printed in the online directory. Just let us know. The website is password protected.

Science in the Beginning

CLS offers K through 4th grade homeschoolers the opportunity to join their school students for hands-on science classes. Classes meet twice a week.

It will use Jay Wile’s “Science in the Beginning”. Each lesson has hands-on experiments and notebooking activities, with questions appropriate for three different levels, including students not yet reading or writing. Classes will be taught by Erica, who has a degree in science education and extensive experience with chemistry education in particular.

Latin for the Whole Family

Pastor Jesse of BLC/CLS is offering an 11-week introductory Latin class for community families. The cost for this extracurricular course is $75 per household. If you would like a better understanding of grammar, including English, or if you would like to understand the roots of western civilization better, or just grow as a person, register your interest. You can pay at the second class. No prior knowledge required. Appropriate for grades 5 through adults.


CLS offers K through 4th grade homeschoolers the opportunity to join their school students for P.E. one day a week. There is no cost, but parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist the teacher, Mr. R., with any needed school tasks.

Coming up

Watercolor workshop, Thanksgiving “party”, gymnastics. Keep checking your email.


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