September 2012 Newsletter

School Year Kick-off Social

Date: Friday, September 7th

Time: 3:00-4:30
Please note:  This event is one hour later than our usual meeting time.

Location: Sorosis Park

We are looking forward to seeing everyone after a summer break! What to bring:  squirt guns and a change of clothes  (optional). This activity will be organized and overseen by a homeschool dad! Ice cream treats will be provided.

This is also an opportunity to  pay this year’s dues ($15) and to look over the clipboard to see if there is a space you could fill in with an event or activity.   Call or email Tawny Garrett with questions.  (541-296-8199 or )

Fort Vancouver Trip

An invitation from Julie Cole follows: On Friday, September 8th, starting at 4 pm, there is a re-enactment event happening at Ft. Vancouver. I will be leaving my house at 2 pm, and taking a sack dinner, as well as $20 to cover admission for myself and my two sons and any incidentals. I have never done this; it’s something new for us!

I would welcome anyone who wants to caravan and enjoy the time together! I will be leaving Ft. Vancouver at 7 pm to head home. Please let me know if you intend to join me, so I don’t leave without you. For more information, please look the event up online. ~ Julie Cole 541-296-9599

Show and Tell

Date: Friday, September 14

Time: 2:00

Place: Wasco County Library Meeting Room

The popular Show and Tell activity resumes this year as a monthly activity for students of any age. This is an opportunity for our children to experience public speaking and courteous listening! Students may speak about anything at all: recite a poem, give an oral book report, tell about a hobby, share a memory verse, etc. 

Lori Wageman, who initiated Show and Tell last year, is enjoying her new daughter this fall! We are looking for other leaders who would like to facilitate, but for this time Julie Cole will be happy to do it. Please e-mail her to reserve a time slot for each of your children who will be participating this month ( Snack will be provided.

Disussion Group for Older Students

Date: Every other week, from Friday, September 14 through May, 2013

Time: 2:30 – 3:45

Location: Nancy Lutz’s home, 511 East 10th Street

This ongoing class, for students age 12 and older, will meet to discuss literature, facts and fallacies, and current events. Many other activities are also being considered. Please see the “Discussion Group” tab at the top of this page for a detailed description of what to expect.

Please contact Nancy Lutz (541-296-4338) if you have quesitons about this class.

All About Me Activity

Date: Friday, September 21

Time: 2:00

Location: Wasco County Library Meeting Room

This activity is for elementary students, along with any interested brothers and sisters. Students will be provided with a large, black-and-white, poster-sized template that they will personalize with their own information. This cute poster includes spaces for the child to draw a picture of his family, indicate favorite food and color, list current height and weight, and so forth. The student will be able to take his creation home at the end of the activity.

A themed snack will be provided.

Please have your student bring his own crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Please call or email Kelly Stone (541-300-0347 or if you have any questions about this activity.

President’s Fitness Award

Date: Friday, September 28

Time: 2:00

Location: Sorosis Park

Students AND ADULTS interested in attempting to earn a President’s Fitness Award for 2012-2013 should attend this introductory activity. You will  be given a chance to try and be timed on the five events necessary to qualify for an award (shuttle run, curl-ups, flexed-arm hang, v-sit, endurance walk/run).

There are four possible awards, so any ability level can be accomodated. The idea is just to get moving! Choose your challenge, work out on your own or with your family during the school year, and we’ll meet again to be tested in the spring. Those qualifying will receive a highly respected clothing patch. All students will receive participation patches and documents that make great keepsakes. At some point before spring, families will need to pay $5.00 for each student or adult who will be participating, which will be used to order the clothing patches and certificates.

The President’s Challenge website is Please contact Kelly Stone for more information (541-300-0347 or

Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out will begin on October 9. These get-togethers for homeschool moms will generally take place on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m., at Julie Coles’ home.

During the first few months, we will be viewing a DVD series on “A Charlotte Mason Education”. Tawny Garrett will lead a discussion after each portion is viewed.

This is a great series for those who are unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason, those who embrace her methods wholeheartedly, those who incorporate some of her ideas into their homeschooling, and those who are simply curious! More about Mom’s Night Out will be published in the October newsletter.

General Activity Information

Each family in the co-op, after their first year of membership, is expected to organize at least one class, social activity, or field trip per year. These don’t have to be complicated. If you need ideas, look at the older newsletters to view past activities, but feel free to come up with something entirely different on your own.

To arrange an activity, take a look at the clipboard, which will be available at most co-op functions. Select an available date, and write in your activity. We try to get together every Friday, around 2:00 p.m., but you are always free to arrange something on a different date or at a different time. All you need to provide at the time of scheduling is the date, time, and a brief description (such as “fire department field trip” or “sewing class”).

If you are unable to locate the clipboard, please contact Julie Cole (541-296-9499 or

Details need to be to Kelly (541-300-0347 or by the 28th of each month. The newsletter will go out on the 29th. Since final plans can’t always be made by that date, any missing details will be added as they become available. Please check the newsletter within a couple of days of attending any activity, for updated information. If an activity is changed without 48 hours notice, we will attempt to telephone people, instead of just changing it online.


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